Olga Tkalich

My name is Olga Tkalic, and I am a behavioral analyst and somatically oriented therapist. I help autistic adults, children, and their families overcome various problems and improve their quality of life. I also created a course to help autistic people called "Skill Tree" and run a thematic YouTube channel.

I provide in-person and online consultations and would be happy to share my opinion regarding the presence of ASD in you or your child. I can also help organize the rehabilitation process in the most effective way and resolve current issues.

More than 4,000 consultations were held, more than 75% of them online

I have been a certified behavioral analyst for over 10 years.

More than 14 years of psychological practice in helping autistic people

More than 1200 successfully solved problems, happy people and families


Olga Smirnova

Hello! My name is Olga. I'm 32 years old, and half a year ago, I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome by a psychiatrist. I have always had significant difficulties with socialization and communication. I started looking for a psychologist who could help me. The doctor advised me to find a specialist who specifically works with individuals on the autism spectrum. Honestly, it turned out to be a challenging task. There are many psychologists, but there is a shortage of those working with neurodiverse people. I narrowed it down to three choices, two of them were Russian-speaking psychologists from the USA, and the third one was Olga Tkalic. After watching videos of these specialists, I chose Olga. Her extreme tactfulness, sincerity, and passion for her work won me over. During the initial consultation, I realized that Olga was the right fit for me. There was no pressure, judgment, or indifference that I had unfortunately experienced while working with previous specialists. I have been working with Olga for five months now, and I want to highlight the positive changes I've experienced: reduced anxiety, increased self-confidence, and a better understanding of myself. For example, I recently understood why I couldn't maintain friendships with my female friends. Unconsciously, without realizing it, I was imposing the role of a tutor and psychologist on them. Thanks to Olga, I am learning how communication works among neurotypical individuals. There is still a lot of work ahead... I highly recommend Olga Tkalic to everyone who is on the autism spectrum or to their close relatives seeking consultation. It is absolutely worth it.

Tatiana Shreiner

Hello. Today, my son (17 years old) and I visited a consultation with Olga. I would like to write a few lines of gratitude for her professionalism and the comfort that she created for us during the confidential and constructive conversation. It was nice to note Olga's deep approach to work. Before the consultation, she sent a detailed questionnaire, which allowed Olga to learn more broadly and in more detail about my child and his peculiarities. This, in turn, allowed us to talk about the substance and understand whether my child has ASD or whether we need to explore and move in a different direction. To find solutions to a problem, it is important to define it accurately. We are grateful to Olga for setting the direction in which we should move.

Anastasia Kudryavtseva
Anastasia Kudryavtseva

It has been a year since I had my first therapy session with Olga. Initially, I asked her to explain to me how to find a common language with my young man, whom I suspected of having high-functioning autism. During the sessions, we talked a lot about my daily worries, fears and difficulties in and out of relationships. And so flew this year of our work with her. A lot of things in my life have changed, literally flipped 180 degrees: I changed jobs, moved to another country, changed my outlook on relationships and personal therapy. I am incredibly glad that I have traveled this path with Olga. And I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for the professional help that I received, that kindness, involvement in my history, wisdom and support in times of crisis. I highly recommend contacting her if you are having difficulty understanding yourself / a loved one and I am sure that after sessions with Olga it is impossible to be left without food for thought. Once again, thank you very much, Olga, for your attention and time.

Ivan Teplov

Thanks for the advice, many things became clear)) I felt relieved and some clarity when you explained why certain problems arise in communicating with people, why there are difficulties in communication and other aspects of interaction)) I'm not for a minute I did not regret that I turned to you for help and the information that I received is really valuable for me)) Thank you very much again))

Olesya Kosolap

After watching this video, I decided to turn to Olga, and I was amazed at how seriously the person takes his job, she told everything, explained everything, I really liked it and in general a wonderful person, very pleased. Thank you Olga for everything .

The family of K.
The family of K.

Family with experience of long-term cooperation, Moscow

Our family has been cooperating with Olga as a supervisor for more than three years. During this time, we have successfully solved a variety of tasks, they affected: the development of our child's speech and communication skills, self-service skills, the formation and maintenance of interest in learning, the development of academic skills (writing, reading, mathematics, etc.), joint activities, creativity, as well as play and physical activity. The programs written by Olga covered all aspects of the child's development and met our needs and objectives at the appropriate stage. Supervisions have always been informative and extremely useful to us. We received professional advice and recommendations. None of our questions went unanswered. We have always noted a structured approach, the result of which was the effective solution of our tasks. Thanks to solid, joint efforts, we managed to go a long way and achieve a lot. Olga, we wish you the success of your wards, and we look forward to continued cooperation.

Klindyuk Anna
Klindyuk Anna

Director of the Center for Rehabilitation and Social Adaptation "The Other Side", Arkhangelsk

We have been working with Olga Tkalich since December 2016. Olga accompanies our center in the direction of ABA therapy. Our center is located in Arkhangelsk. Despite the distance, our meetings on the Internet are held at the set time, Olga goes to meet us in planning consultations and is ready to answer all questions of interest to parents and specialists. Olga competently guides us in our work, shares her experience, gives practical advice, which is extremely important for us. The results of our cooperation exceeded expectations: during the work (and this is half a year at the moment) 7 children received Olga's support in ABA therapy, all of them have a good result, the children have acquired new knowledge and skills, progress is being made in development. Now we continue to actively cooperate with Olga Tkalich and continue to recruit new children for ABA therapy.

Abaeva Elena Vladimirovna
Abaeva Elena Vladimirovna

Therapist of the Regional Public Organization "Sun for All" (Mytishchi)

Cooperation with Olga began in May 2014. Olga was my curator, at the beginning of cooperation there were three families in development. After 3 months, there are already about six families. My parents and I had a variety of requests, such as program correction and correction of unwanted behavior. And we always got detailed solutions that actually worked. Meetings were held both via skype and in person. Working with Olga during these 7 months has made a huge contribution for me as a therapist. I was pleased to work under the guidance of such a responsive person, I always received detailed answers to my questions. Thank you Olga for teaching me a lot in the work of an aba-therapist.

Prokofieva Nadezhda Naskova
Prokofieva Nadezhda Naskova

Therapist, clinical psychologist of the Children's Center "The Other Side", Arkhangelsk

I have been cooperating with Olga Tkalich as a curator for about a year. I like our classes for their thoughtfulness and the logic of performing actions. Olga clearly sets goals and objectives. Based on my diagnostics, Olga clearly and convincingly writes work programs for children. The programs correspond to the individuality of each child, are accessible to the understanding of parents, are interesting and instructive for me as a therapist. I really enjoy working with Olga. She knows how to cheer up, prompt and direct in time, her remarks are correct, tactful. They serve to achieve my goals and help me in mastering the profession.

Irina Sheleg
Irina Sheleg

Thank you very much Olga, I took a consultation from her, explained everything in detail, told how and what to do, and also helps with all the questions that arise, once again many thanks.

Lilia Kaplina
Lilia Kaplina

ABA therapist, Astrakhan

I turned to Olga Yurievna for a consultation as a specialist in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2018. After the first online consultation, the specialist identified the functions of problem behavior, and built a route for correcting problem behavior in the child. During our long cooperation, Olga Yuryevna explained a lot, taught a lot, because she has a lot of experience working with special children, and the necessary literature was also recommended. I am satisfied with the result of cooperation, we continue to cooperate to this day! Many thanks to you, Olga Yurievna, for your work!

Verigina Victoria Ramisovna
Verigina Victoria Ramisovna

Therapist and curator of the Regional Public Organization "Sun for All" (Mytishchi)

We have been cooperating with Olga Tkalich since 2014. When I became a therapist, Olga became my curator for several children. Regarding one child, I periodically consult Olga to this day. This is a child diagnosed with RDA, was not speaking at the age of three, did not have the necessary self-help skills, and unwanted behavior was present; he is currently six years old, speaks complex phrases and is preparing to enter a comprehensive school. Olga gets along well with children, she communicates with them very kindly and cheerfully, knows how to interest the child and win over her. I tried to adopt this attitude from her. Our collaboration allowed me to quickly grow as a professional. Our meetings always bring new and useful experience for me.

Duinalieva Rufiya Suyundykovna
Duinalieva Rufiya Suyundykovna

Kindergarten teacher, ABA therapist.

Yesterday there was a supervision in Astrakhan. Supervision was carried out by the curator Olga Yurievna. I was delighted and a little shocked by what I heard. Everything was so accessible, understandable, simple, that I went to work with my children inspired. I will apply all the recommendations and advice of Olga Yurievna. Thank you very much for the fruitful help to me and my children. After talking with the curator, I wanted to meet her again. Thank you very much for the answers, advice, support.

Koptyakov Evgeny
Koptyakov Evgeny

Head of the Early Assistance Service "In Our Hands", Moscow

In the fall of 2017, our early intervention service "In Our Hands" began to need mentors in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). After the first meeting with Olga, it was clear that the person is very competent and responsible, a week later we started working together. In the process of cooperation, our service and the parents of children, whom Olga accompanies, saw that this is a true professional in his field.Olga writes programs in a very interesting and accurate way, taking into account the unique characteristics of each child. Olga also pays special attention to working with a therapist and parents. Regular meetings, fast and accurate feedback, understandable and useful both for specialists and parents of our children under care.

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The cost of the consultation is from 7 500 rubles.

* The cost of consultation is 2800 rubles (for socially vulnerable groups, refugees, low-income citizens, persons with disabilities).



    Olga Yuryevna, we were vaccinated with DTP, the child stopped looking into the eyes of me and my grandmother, I see that he speaks much less words. My son is 3 years old, what is this?

    It could be the beginning of autism. You need to show the child to a specialist - a psychiatrist or psychologist, neurologist, who specialize specifically in autism.